Chapter 13 Demo (Super Scarfman) is up

I put up the first of many demos, the cloned version of Super Mario Brothers. Call it Super Scarfman, or whatever. You can find two versions of it on the demos page, one with all the tunable numbers set to zero (for learning purposes) and one that’s the feel of Mario (without the graphics and sound, for obvious reasons.)  I recommend trying to recreate the feel of Mario from the untuned version; it’s an interesting and challenging exercise :).

Super Scarfman

Direct links here:


Demos En Route

Thanks everybody for the interest in the book and, most particularly, in the demos!

…and apologies for their not being online yet.  My plan was to complete and put everything online over the holiday here whilst visiting my folks in San Jose. But! Then I managed to forget some necessary files on my work computer.
I think it may have been my subconscious instructing me to take a needed  break.  If I’m honest with myself, I’ve been burning the candle with a blowtorch of late, and need to take some time to regather and relax.

So, I’m going to take it easy, hang out with my antediluvian childhood cat, and plan to have the demos all online by the middle of January.

Pardon the dust…

Game feel site status: crippled, but operational.
Like so much Keri Strug.
In the next few days:

  • The book launches!
  • I get off my butt and finish up the demos
  • …while being in Copenhagen for the Unite 2008 conference
  • A bit later, once my life returns to something approximating normalcy:

  • I’ll edit the transcriptions of all the interviews I did while preparing for the book and start posting them.
  • Porting over of my older articles on game feel to their new home on this site will be completed.
  • New articles and stuff!
  • In the mean time, welcome to! Check out the book. Have fun. Play nice. Avoid putting salt in your eyes. Make good feeling games. -Steve

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