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Pardon the dust…

Game feel site status: crippled, but operational.
Like so much Keri Strug.
In the next few days:

  • The book launches!
  • I get off my butt and finish up the demos
  • …while being in Copenhagen for the Unite 2008 conference
  • A bit later, once my life returns to something approximating normalcy:

  • I’ll edit the transcriptions of all the interviews I did while preparing for the book and start posting them.
  • Porting over of my older articles on game feel to their new home on this site will be completed.
  • New articles and stuff!
  • In the mean time, welcome to! Check out the book. Have fun. Play nice. Avoid putting salt in your eyes. Make good feeling games. -Steve

    This is a post

    Yesser, it certainly is.

    Protip: do not put salt in your eyes while reading