To go along with the book, I created some
small demos. They are here:

Chapter 1:

Demo CH01-1 (Windows)
Demo CH01-1 (OSX)
Demo CH01-2 (Windows)
Demo CH01-2 (OSX)

Chapter 5:

Demo CH05-1
Demo CH05-2

Chapter 7:

Note: I still need to convert these demos over to Unity. To play them you need the 3dvia player. If their site dies, here’s an older version that should work.

Demo CH07-1 (note that this is slightly differently formatted than described)
Demo CH07-2

Chapter 8:

Demo CH08-1

Chapter 9:

Demo CH09-1

Chapter 13 (Super Mario Brothers):

Demo CH13-1

Demo CH13-2

Chapter 17:

Demo CH17-1